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::MCAS Miramar opens new pistol range::
Story by Lance Cpl. George J. Papastrat

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. (Jan. 9, 2007) -- A different type of sound rolled through the hills of the Miramar Range Complex at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Jan. 9.

The sound was the noise of the first shot being fired at the newest addition to the complex, the pistol range.

The new range consists of 25 targets and began construction in 2005. The range became ready for action after its certification in December 2006, explained Chief Warrant Officer 3 Eric Brayman, range officer in charge, Miramar Range Complex.

The old pistol range, located near the Sheriff’s training facilities in East Miramar, made it hard for rotating the coaches, explained Sgt. James Reede, combat marksmanship coach and platoon sergeant, Miramar Range Complex. With the facility now next to the rifle range we can swap our coaches easily.

“The old range was built in a muddy area,” explained Gunnery Sgt. David Freed, airframes divisions chief, Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 121, Marine Aircraft Group 11, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. “The new range has cement firing lines and the targets are no longer electrically operated, but air powered so you are always on your feet.”

The new range saw its first string of Marines firing Jan. 9 after a period of instruction on the pistol and the range, explained Brayman. Col. Christopher E. O’Connor, commanding officer, MCAS Miramar, was the first to fire.

“It was a great touch for the commanding officer of the station to come out and be the first to fire at the range,” said Freed, who was among the first to fire at the new range. “They always say, lead from the front.”

The name of the range, currently known as range 101, is slated to be dedicated in the near future as the Carlos Hathcock Range Complex.

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